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IT Support

The first call you make will be answered by an experienced technical consultant. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide complete and professional information technology services on which your business can depend. An ideal solution for any client, big or small, is to have your issue resolved when you call for assistance. This is more likely to be the case when an experienced Technical Consultant answers the phone.

Infrastructure Consultancy

Server infrastructure, disaster recovery, security design and virtualisation. Firewalls, VLANs, VPNs, SANs, remote access, cloud services, backups, physical and virtual servers. Every business, whether they know or not, has some component of these as part of their functioning IT operations. We live and breathe this technology, and design, explain, and implement solutions that fit your budget and business requirements.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Spot potential issues before they become a problem and impact your business. It is industry best practice to detect IT problems early and prevent them becoming issues for your business. We can provide proactive monitoring systems for no cost by installing software agents on critical devices that report on system status to a centralised dashboard and alert us via e-mail for any critical system issues.

Audits and Assessments

What have you got? What do you need? What can you do better? We will answer all of the questions in a detailed report! Comprehensive network audits that cover network configuration and security, servers and functions, data protection, and detailed specifications on all systems. The information on systems and networks, and any issues with recommendations to resolve, can be used to assist with short-and long-term planning to keep your IT environment functioning optimally day to day.

Project Management

You want your IT project to be successful. So do we. A well thought out plan, timely execution, and excellent communication, are key to successful implementations of IT projects. We can assist your business to avoid the pitfalls and minimise the disruptions when relocating, implementing, and migrating to new systems.

Cloud Consulting

What is the cloud in practical terms? And how can it enhance your businesses IT infrastructure. The ‘Cloud’ can be a cost effective way of minimising investment in on-site infrastructure. From Microsoft Office 365, utilising hosted e-mail and Onedrive online storage, to GMail and Google Drive.

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Corporate IT Consulting
Relationship based IT Consulting that you can Trust.

We are a Christchurch based, locally owned and operated IT Consulting company. We put a focus on getting to know your business and its systems, along with the key people involved. We build relationships, and we build trust in our service and our abilities and this is what enables us to advise on your IT requirements. No two businesses are the same in relation to what they need to make their business the best it can be from a technological point of view. We do not provide ‘Cookie Cutter’ IT solutions, we mold and adapt best practice IT, through 20 + years of industry experience, to provide exactly what you need. Our service to you and your business is key to what we do.

  • Cost Effective Top Notch IT

    We are a cost effective IT Consulting company who only employees experienced Technical Consultants

  • Supplier Agnostic

    We are a small dynamic local company who is supplier agnostic, utilising the best fit for your business needs

  • Customer Focused

    Our clients are what makes our business. Our clients are our focus. End of Story.

  • Free Systems Monitoring

    We provide the tools to monitor critical network devices free of charge!

Our Team

Industry Experience Personified
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Mike Walker

Technical Consultant
Mike has worked in the IT Industry for almost 20 years. Previous stints with Integration providers in New Zealand, and most recently with Statistics New Zealand as an Infrastructure Consultant has provided for a wealth of experience in all facets of IT consulting, both Enterprise and SMB level.
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Kent Allison

Financial Controller
Kent has been working the infrastructure side of businesses for the past decade, with experience in planning, understanding, advising, and adapting to current situations forming a wealth of applicable experience. The same philosophy is applied to pursuits outside of ‘work’ and a genuine passion for seeing results is strong in both.
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Ricky Cunningham

Technical Consultant
Ricky has a strong relationship and customer first approach to all undertakings with almost 20 years in customer service, 15 of which have been in the IT industry. Ricky has a diverse technical portfolio with specialised interest in security and consulted at both SMB, Enterprise and local council level.
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Arno Dippenaar

Technical Consultant
Arno has a passion for making connections and building relationships. After 10+ years in the tech industry and gaining valuable international experience, he proudly joins the Zeal family. Focused on the technical long-term goals of his clients, he helps plan and implement solutions with patience and precision.

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